What is Basic Bible 101?
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Basic Bible 101 was originally developed as a way to help new believers "catch up" with other believers in Bible study groups. Margie Smith, author and presenter of Basic Bible 101, gathered information from various sources, then simplified the concepts into bite-sized portions. She soon discovered that spiritual seekers and new believers could understand relatively complex biblical passages once they had been exposed to all of the Bible at least once. Basic Bible 101 is a general review of the entire Bible presented over one year.

Basic Bible 101 is divided into two sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament. Each week students can listen to the lesson presented by either their group leader or the Basic Bible 101 podcast. Student Workbooks can be purchased to encourage study outside of group time and aid group discussion. At various times throughout the course students will be encouraged to take quizzes and eventually will finish each section with a final exam. These resources are made available to group leaders or can be at the student's request.

Basic Bible 101 is not suitable for people who are already familiar with the Bible. They will quickly discover that the material is too basic and covers material they already know. However, spiritual seekers and new believers will find Basic Bible 101 a refreshing change from the more challenging Bible study materials now on the market. A follow-up course, Basic Bible 102, moves more slowly through the New Testament and may be preferable to those who don't mind taking longer than one year to cover the basic Bible stories.

Topics covered in Basic Bible 101 include:

  • Where the Bible came from and who wrote it.
  • Key Bible personalities and why they're referred to again and again.
  • How Christianity grew out of Judaism.
  • Why Jesus changed the way we relate to God.
  • How to find Bible passages and how to study the Bible for yourself.
  • How to teach your children the classic Bible stories.

Additionally unfamiliar "church terms" are explained and Bible words are defined along the way.

If you're not sure whether to take the Basic Bible 101 course or not then take the Assessment Quiz and find out.

Hundreds of students have now completed the Basic Bible 101 coursework. If you are a previous student and would like to send in your review of this class please email (besides she'd love to hear from you!).

Margie Smith

Raised in a relatively conservative Christian home, Margie Smith found the truths of Christ easy to accept as a child because they were presented in a way a child could understand. As a youth she personalized these truths and was baptized, joining a Southern Baptist Church in Spokane, Washington. In college she and her husband Brian attended a rather unconventional Free Evangelical church, attending a weekly couples Bible study and working with the Baptist Student Ministries on campus.

Margie and Brian moved to Dallas, Texas with their two children where Margie owned her own advertising agency for many years, and taught news writing as an adjunct professor for the University of Texas at Arlington. She has a masters degree in International Advertising from the University of North Texas. Working on Basic Bible curriculum has been an ongoing project. She and her husband recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee where they live near two of their grandchildren.

Margie has been a life-long student of the Bible, teaching various children and adult Bible classes along the way. She has worked in leadership development in Community/Small Group Ministries for various churches. Margie has always enjoyed working with spiritual seekers and new believers. She developed the Basic Bible curriculum as a study aid for adults who attempt to read and understand the Bible for the first time.