Basic Bible 101 Group Leader Instructions

Basic Bible 101 is designed as an introduction to the Bible for spiritual seekers or new believers. As such, much of the more in depth, interesting details that are found in other Bible studies are missing from this course. Because the mind can only absorb so much information, especially as we age, only the most important biblical truths have been included. As much as possible we have avoided controversial concepts that divide Christian churches today. Basic Bible 101 is presented pretty much the way the Bible is written, without commentary, except where necessary to clarify and place in perspective the relevance of the material studied each week.

Group leaders can adapt the material for their own denominational preferences. Podcasts presented by Margie Smith will tend to reflect a Baptist perspective, since that is her background. However, biblical passages that can be and have been interpreted more than one way are defined as such, and students are encouraged to do further study on their own before making a final judgement.

Aside from providing Bible knowledge, students of Basic Bible 101 are asked to find ways to apply biblical truth in their own lives. Each homework assignment includes thought-provoking questions that must be answered from a personal perspective. These questions tend to provide great discussion in group studies. Group leaders will find leading a Basic Bible 101 study group is not terribly time-consuming if the students do listen to the podcast and do their homework before the group meeting. It is not necessary to have completed the course before leading a group.

Group leaders can purchase a Basic Bible 101 Leaders Manual for each section of the course (Old and New Testament). This material covers everything presented in the podcast, so should you choose to present this material in a Sunday School class the podcasts would be unnecessary (except perhaps to help you prepare for the lesson). Advertising materials (flyers, web banners, etc.) for this course are available upon request. For answers to the final exam click here. The username and password are provided on the last page of your Leaders Guide.